Washington Township, Erie County, Pensylvania

Outdoor Living

Boasting 7 public parks situated on a total of 135 acres of verdant land, Washington Township’s parks and greenspaces have something to offer everyone. With 3+ miles of walkable or bikeable, groomed trails and a boat launch with nearby kayak/canoe storage rack that can be rented for the season, there are plenty of activities to occupy a day or an afternoon. If you’re looking for a good picnic spot or a place to host an event, consider one of our 7 pavilions, some of which are located nearby our 2 playgrounds. Other amenities we offer include 4 half-court basketball courts, 1 full-sized, sand volleyball court, and two youth soccer fields.

With public support, Washington Township hopes to continue to preserve and improve these communal spaces.  Our Parks and Recreation Committee is leading the way in sourcing public donations and grants so that we may add more amenities and activities to our public parks. If you are interested in donating money, supplies, time, or talents to the betterment of our public parks, please click here to learn more. For more information about individual parks and their offerings, please check out the “Township Parks” or “Outdoor Activities” pages on our website where you can find tabs dedicated to each individual park. 

Washington Township is an entitlement community that administers their own Community Development Block Grant Program for housing rehabilitation. This program is available to our residents who own their own home and meet the income criteria. Also, homeowners must be current with their utilities and taxes, and are in need of improvements.

To date, Washington Township has rehabilitated over 60 homes in our community since the program's inception during the 1990's. We have certified contractors who perform the rehabilitation work and the improvements are guaranteed for 1 year. If you are interested, please check out the brochure to see if you meet the income guidelines.