Washington Township, Erie County, Pensylvania

From the Desk of the Manager

WE"RE BACK!!!!!!
Posted on Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 9:44 AM

Washington Township is now open for regular hours and fully staffed as before. Of course when you come in to discuss your concerns for the Township we expect you to have a mask on and maintain the proper distance to avoid any possible infection from the virus. Call us to be sure the party you need is available. Unfortunately the Parks remain closed to gatherings of any kind, but you are welcome to bike, hike walk etc. and enjoy them in this way. Pavillions are closed and no rentals are being accepted at this time. I encourage you walk into Inspiration Park and see the improvements that are ongoing. Those should be finished this summer. Thank you to ECGRA for the grant to make these improvments. This park will no doubt be well recieved once completed. It will take time and transforms almost weekly at this point. The long range plan for the park will provide the community with a lot of enjoyment I am sure. 

We will be doing a lot of Tar and Chip work this year. Primarily in the Lakeside area. Please be aware that when that occurs there will be disruptions but short lived as the process is very quickly applied. This road management technique is by far the most cost effective and is proven to add life to the asphalt that is already in place. YES you will have stones in your yard and NO will not come and rake them up. With 18 miles of road to do this year, that would be impossible. The contractor will be sweeping in the area once completed but we ask that landowners do what they need to do on thier property. The roads are for everone and your section may need a some help from you. We anticipate this happening in August some time as that is the best weather for this application. Maybe July, but a lot of factors determine the exact date. 

We appreciate everyone's understanding during the virus crisis and the disruptions that we had to deal with. We are trying hard to accomodate our overall operation to continue to offer the taxpayers of Washington Township the best service at the best price. Stop and see me if you have questions. Wear your mask, wash your hands and lets get through this together. 


David L. Anthony


Washington Township