Washington Township, Erie County, Pensylvania

Outdoor Living

Peninsula Park Kayak Racks


Kayak Racks are now available to rent, $40 for Township residents, $50 non-residents for the entire season.  Racks are located at Peninsula Park where there is a ground-based kayak launch and a dock based Kayak launch, called the KayaArm.  The Kayak is placed onto the KayaArm with the cockpit seating area directly over the slighlty submerged stabilizing arm, the kayaker can grasp the hand-post while getting into the Kayak.  The KayaArm adds stability. 

Contact Township office to check availability.



CDBG Program Changes

Washington Township has relinquished its "enttitlement" status and no longer provides a local CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Program for our residents. Assistance is available at the County level by contacting the Erie County Planning Commission: http://www.eriecountyplanning.org/ or at Erie County Courthouse, Room 111, 140 West 6th Street, Erie, PA 16501, Phone: (814) 451-6336 or Fax: (814) 451-7000.

Washington Township is an entitlement community that administers their own Community Development Block Grant Program for housing rehabilitation. This program is available to our residents who own their own home and meet the income criteria. Also, homeowners must be current with their utilities and taxes, and are in need of improvements.

To date, Washington Township has rehabilitated over 60 homes in our community since the program's inception during the 1990's. We have certified contractors who perform the rehabilitation work and the improvements are guaranteed for 1 year. If you are interested, please check out the brochure to see if you meet the income guidelines.