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Washington Township Welcomes Edinboro Fire Department Satellite Station and Social Hall
Posted on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 at 2:28 PM

The Edinboro Volunteer Fire Department has taken a huge step towards the realization of a social club adjacent to the Washington Township municipal campus. After several years of working out the multiple details and seemingly never ending roadblocks, the time has finally come to commence construction. Based on the need to keep the department financially stable, the concept of a club designed to support emergency services and provide a comfortable atmosphere for people to gather and enjoy food and spirit seems like a perfect match.

We all enjoy a night out and what better way to do that and support your local fire department at the same time, talk about a win/win situation. We commend the driving forces of the EVFD for working hard to make this happen. We all look forward to the community that continues to support the volunteers and promotes good will throughout the area. Get your membership now, and be prepared to enjoy the fruits of the hard work your friends and neighbors have put into making this happen.