Washington Township, Erie County, Pensylvania

From the Desk of the Manager

How To Complain the Right Way and Get RESULTS!
Posted on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 10:18 AM

The morning phone message starts off with a BEEEEEEEEP and angery voice immediately rages on about plowing, snow, water, signs, neighbors and multitude of other concerns. They cut loose with all of thier frustrations, throw in a few choice vulgarities and then hang up. I listen intently but cannot make any return coorespondence because I have no name or number. Many times we need additional information to investigate a situation. Often time we get caught up in a family fued or neighborhood confrontation. We aren't a police force, but we can enforce those rules that Council has made for the citizens. It can be very frustrating for us to get a verbal tongue lashing and have no way to respond. It should be clearly understood that calls that leave no name or number will be ignored. If you are that passionate to call, please have the respect to at least leave contact information. In this day and age, everyone hates all forms of government and it is always OUR FAULT. In fact there has become increasing concern about the safety of government officials and employees as of late due to some serious altercations. 

Washington Township has experience such things themselves with residents threatening staff. This is not acceptable and cannot be tolerated. Calmer heads always pervial, we may not have the answer you like or want, but we will always be honest and abide by the rules and regualtions of the Township. 


We have an open door policy, stop in any time and let's review your concern and see just what we can and can't do. Threats and late night phone calls will not correct the situation. A little civility goes a long way in this day and age.