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Help Improve Water & Sewer Billing
Posted on Friday, March 4, 2016 at 2:42 PM

We have improved our utility billing to allow e-billing of your bills. Due to the change in the Post Office of mail sorting in Pittsburgh instead of Erie, the time for mailings to turn around and arrive has lenghtened. In addition we have seen an increase in lost billing in the mail, even though we send all billing out as first class mail. We strongly encourage you to contact the Post Office at 814-734-1711 and inform them of missing mail, and we may not be the only mail you are not getting! also, give serious consideration to e-billing so that hard paper copies are eliminated completely. If you visit https://washtwp.muni-link.com and register, you can see all your billing online and receive notification of future billing via email, safe and simple. Let us know if we can help and hope you consider this service to improve your utility billing.