Washington Township, Erie County, Pensylvania

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Great things are always happening in Washington Township
Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 9:21 AM
The old V Plow still ready for action if needed!!!!!!!!!!

What is the most important road in Washington Township. This is typically my opening statement when asked to speak on the behalf of the municipality. Those that are quick to answer general blurt out Rt 6N, Rt 99, I-79, which are actually all state roads. Then out of the back a singular voice will annouce very matter of the fact, "the road I live on".  Yes they are correct as in today's society, we don't really think to much about others, we are focused on what affects us directly as we don't want anything to upset our daily apple cart. Let's take a general look at the responsibilities of the Township roads. We have over 73 miles of road to maintain. Each year we budget for projects and work very hard to prioritize those projects according to need. We also attempt to perform work in every area of the Township to ensure that no one is left out in keeping "THIER ROAD" in good condition. We have 5 to 7 year plans for all our roads and make sure that each recieves some sort of improvement during that time. This could be ditching, berming, seal-coating, paving and or pipe replacement. This is a challanging situation and money is always the driving factor in determining what and when a project will be performed. We can be positive in our statement that you will see one of the crew almost daily inspecting "YOUR ROAD". We watch for trees down, plugged ditches, and the condition of the roadway itself. Do we always catch it?  No we try hard, but we do rely upon the public to help keep us informed as well. If you see something, call and let us check it out. We rather find it is nothing rather than be surprised that a pipe has collasped and we didn't know it. Watch for downed STOP signs too, we have to get those back up as soon as possible to avoid accidents. So in conclusion, we hope you will check this monthly blog and be aware of what events are happening. The 2020 budget is nearly ready for presentation to Council and I am glad to announce that it has no tax or public utility increases. Over 25 years without an increase in taxes. Take a look around, not just at YOUR ROAD, but all of the Township and you will easily see that "good things are happening in Washington Township"


David L. Anthony


Washington Township